Common questions for RTO and Financing:

What’s the difference between rent to own vs. Financing?!? Is renting to own a shed the same thing as  renting a storage unit? Do you get to keep the shed? Will I be able to keep the shed if I choose rent to own? 

What is Rent to Own (RTO)? 

Rent to own or RTO is like signing up for a service. It offers higher monthly rates but you are given the service of not having your credit run and being approved instantly. RTO is based on money factors rather than interest. At the end of the contract clients end up paying twofold if you don’t try to pay it off early. RTO also normally offers a 90 days same as cash deal. Meaning you could pay it off in 90 days with no interest. If clients choose try and pay it off early most RTO companies will reward the client by deducting some of the interest.

Where can I buy a shed in FL?

Shed4less in Florida is here to help provide you with any of your storage needs and help find the appropriate financing fit for you! We offer shed sizes 6×6 all the way to14x40! The sheds are state certified and easily permitted. Apply for RTO or Financing and get your shed from Shed4less this week. Visit to find your perfect storage today. Shed4less has 7 different lots across Florida, just Google Shed4less to find the nearest one or for a quote fill out the contact sheet at the bottom of this blog and I will reach out and call you.

What’s the difference between Rent to Own and Financing?

Rent to own has no credit check and most everyone is approved automatically. Rent to own has higher monthly rates but has the service of offering no credit checks. In contrast, financing runs a hard credit pull but has the benefits of having lower interest rates. Some financing companies even offer 0% interest for 12 months with interest rates starting around 5%.  

Do you get to keep the shed after the rent to own contract is over?

Yes! The goal in mind when doing RTO is for the client to own and to keep the shed as their asset to sell or keep in the long run. 

Is applying for Rent to Own (RTO) and getting a shed the same thing as renting a storage unit?

No, RTO with a shed is not the same thing as renting a storage unit. When you buy a shed and go into a Rent to Own contract you are essentially just making monthly payments on the shed just like any other loan. Monthly payments will be made until the shed is paid off vs. renting a storage unit is just making higher monthly payments and gaining no asset in return. 

Can I renovate and decorate the shed with rent to own?

Once the shed is on your property it is yours to renovate or use how you’d like! Essentially the shed is yours to use as needed. You will be making payments on it until you own it outright. 

What Happens if I can’t make any more RTO payments or have to stop payments?

If you are unable to make any more payments on the shed then a repo will be scheduled. The shed would then be picked up and delivered back to Shed4less (or original company or RTO company) because of the break in contract and the client would have no ownership over the shed no matter how many payments were made.

Will I get approved for rent to own?

Yes! Rent to own companies have the easiest selection process. As long as you are able to provide a license and social security number you are automatically approved. 

Factors that will get you declined:

  • Bankrupt
  • Already have multiple active rent to own contracts going with the same company.
  • Have previously broken a RTO contract 
  • Failure to make payments on current RTO contract

Will I get approved for financing? 

Most financing applications will run a hard pull credit check to see your credit score and determine if you are eligible for the loan. Granted some companies have more qualifiers than others. Other factors that will be taken into consideration is debt to income ratio, how long your line of credit has been open and how good your credit is. Depending on the company they accept credit scores anywhere form 600 and up. 

Does Shed4less offer Financing and RTO?

Yes we do! Shed4less has an in-house RTO that offers all the benefits of RTO. No credit check, 90 days same as cash and a low initial deposit. Shed4less also offers financing you can apply for with the benefits mentioned earlier like 0% interest for 12 months as well as interest rates as low as 5%.

Copy and paste one of these links in your browser to apply and start the process of getting your shed today! Want to see different sheds we have in stock in Florida? Visit our website and see what’s available or call 276-238-7625  to talk to one sales expert.

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