Can a Shed be Hurricane Proof?

Tips to build stronger wind rating with your current shed and things to look for when buying a new shed to make sure it can last through winds and storms. Help your shed last throughout the years and endure hard storms.

How to Convert Your Shed Into a Tiny House!

The cost of renting has been soaring. What is an alternative to leasing a single unit for $1,000 to $2,000? Sheds! In this blog, we’ll assist to make it easier to transform your shed into a livable home with monthly payments ranging from 200-800 for only 3-5 years!  Follow these 7 starting steps to build your tiny house without having to pull your credit.

Whats better? Rent to Own vs. Financing When Buying a Shed

Common questions for RTO and Financing:

What’s the difference between rent to own vs. Financing? Is renting to own a shed the same thing as  renting a storage unit? Do you get to keep the shed? Will I be able to keep the shed if I choose rent to own? 

Our Mission

I hope to provide tips and tricks on how to properly maintain and care for a shed, creative ideas on how to transform your buildings, and information on the nuances surrounding sheds and metal buildings.